What does the Super Moon in Aquarius bring you on August 1st?

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The first full Moon in August will bring you luck.

This Moon will energize your social sector, attracting many new friends. The future looks exciting!

This is a great time to host a party, attend various social events, or experiment with expanding your social media network online.

If you’re single, try meeting someone new through acquaintances or updating your dating profile.

Get ready to soar. Your brilliance, success, and fame could light up the night!

Outstanding professional achievements or victories could be just around the corner, whether in the form of a promotion, favorable publicity, an award, or a new job offer.

As a result, use this time to highlight your goals and work towards them.

Luck is on your side!

Gemini, it’s time to seek adventure.

The Full Moon will encourage you to explore horizons beyond your wildest dreams, activating your inquisitive nature.

Use your enthusiasm for long-distance travel or planning trips to places you’d like to visit in the coming year.

You are at a crossroads if you work in media, publishing, law, or academia.

Cancers, your intimacy and trust will be tested.

It may take severe conversations between you and the person you are attached to.

If you are unhappy, you may be parting ways or negotiating the final details of a settlement.

If you are attuned to this person, you may feel ready to bond in body, mind, and spirit.

Assets and investments are also important now, so buy, sell, or prepare for a significant change.

Partnerships are currently the main focus.

Happy relationships will result in union, commitment, engagement, or marriage.

Unhappy relationships can experience a sudden realization that it’s time to divorce or break up.

If you’re single, channel this energy into setting dates with people with the potential for a long-term relationship.

Virgo, this Full Moon brings you a new dynamic.

You could be completing a significant career or work-related project or leaving one employer to start another.

As a result, if you’re looking for a better work-life balance, evaluate it this week.

Improve your diet or fitness routine to take advantage of this cosmic flow.

If you want a pet, this Full Moon can offer you one.

Free Libras should get ready to socialize! This is the most critical month for singles.

You might meet someone who speaks directly to your heart and soul.

Couples can use this energy to spice up their relationship.

Creativity and fertility are also emphasized at this time.

Scorpios will be preoccupied with home and family.

You could relocate, invest in real estate, or decide to renovate or remodel your home.

Also, you can expect a call for help from a family member, maybe even a parent.

Sagittarius, get ready to share!

This Full Moon brings you so much energy that you’ll burst at the seams, whether you’re distributing your ideas and thoughts to the world or launching a major communications project.

If you have time in your schedule, consider going on a trip.

Capricorns, you have a significant financial future ahead of you.

Right now is a great time to invest or consider increasing your wealth.

There is a high possibility that you will get a raise or a job opportunity.

Aquarians, it’s time to take center stage!

Now you will witness the realization of a vital personal project, hope or dream.

You must assert yourself and wield your authority as if you were royalty.

A significant shift or discovery can also occur in a personal relationship.

Just go forward with courage!

Pisces, it’s time to rest and recharge.

This Moon can leave you exhausted but also allows you to recharge your batteries.

Pay attention to your dreams and any suspicions you have.

There may be another way this lunation could affect you.

The secret you’ve been keeping could come out if you don’t – someone else could.

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