What Is Yin Yoga?

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There are two types of yoga: Yang yoga and Yin Yoga. Yang yoga refers to the discipline that focuses on the muscles and is used to strengthen your core.

Yin yoga, on the other hand, focuses on connective tissue like ligaments and joints. Additionally, Yin yoga seeks to connect the mind and body through poses and meditation

Yin yoga requires you to hold the poses for more extended periods, making your joints and ligaments work more and stretching your body.

This practice is more intense than other yoga types because you need to put more effort into any connective tissue inside your body. 

In today’s guide, we’ll explore Yin yoga’s origins and how it exists in the modern-day.

We’ll also tell you what you need to know to practice this discipline and its benefits for your body and mind. 


Origins of Yin Yoga

Origins of Yin Yoga

Yin yoga started in the late 1970s, and it was the creation of a martial arts expert and yoga master, Paulie Zink. Yin yoga is taught in Europe and North America.

You should use it to complement other yoga types and disciplines because it is not intended as a complete yoga exercise. 

Roots of Yin Yoga

The roots of Yin yoga come from ancient Hatha Indian Yoga and Taoist Yoga from China.

Both of these disciplines teach about flexibility and how to increase it through training.

Taoist Yoga and Hatha Yoga believe that you must work on the connective tissue like ligaments and joints to improve health and longevity. 

Yin Yoga shares many similarities with Taoist Yoga and Hatha Yoga, but what connects them the most is their principles. 

Origins and History of Yin Yoga in the West

Yin Yoga started in the West in the late 70s because of Paulie Zink. He introduced long-held floor poses as exercises to allow the mind and body to connect and connect with nature.

This connection between body, mind, and soul was named Yin and Yang yoga, or Yin yoga as it is known today. 

Zink created this discipline to help martial artists with tight muscle problems. Many of his students had muscular bodies, but their muscles were tight and inflexible.

That’s the reason he started them on Taoist yoga for beginners. Later, he mixed Hatha yoga and various poses to help them achieve their goals. 

Yin yoga, back then, was meant to animate different qualities of the body.

For instance, you could bring calm, strength, fluidity, springiness, and lightness to your life by combining various yoga poses with Chinese alchemy. 

Paul Grilley and Sarah Powers

Paul Grilley and Sarah Powers are two students of Yin yoga, known for popularizing the practice across North America and Europe.

They are the most renowned Yin yoga teachers worldwide, and many yogis study their way to do Yin yoga. Many people recognize their principles for their benefits to the body and mind. 

How To Practice Yin Yoga

How To Practice Yin Yoga

Time and Patience

The key to Yin yoga is patience and time. Unlike other yoga disciplines, Yin yoga requires you to maintain each pose for two to five minutes or even longer.

The purpose of this is to allow the body to stretch, allowing flexibility to increase and improve spinal and connectivity tissue health

Most of Yin yoga’s poses are either sitting or reclining, closer to the ground and your center.

Your muscles need to be relaxed to perform Yin yoga, something nearly impossible when you practice standing poses. 


Yin yoga seeks to find stillness and stability. So, while you practice each pose, that’s what you need to achieve.

Remember to avoid fidgeting or moving during the two or five minutes that you’ll perform each pose.

Once you feel the deep sensation known as “comfortable discomfort,” you’ll know that the exercise is working. 

Note: Never stretch your body to the point where you feel excessive discomfort or pain. 


The key for all yoga disciplines is breathing. Other yoga disciplines focus on breathing to keep the mind and body connected.

However, Yin yoga uses breathing to keep your mind focused on something other than the poses’ discomfort. 

For Yin yoga, practitioners need to breathe through their diaphragm. You must expand your belly and ribs with each breath because breathing is the best way to ignore the discomfort.

One more thing to keep in mind: you should exhale twice as long as you inhale for better results. 


Your body will need all the support possible to make your practice a lot more enjoyable.

For this, you can use blocks or yoga wheels. Both are excellent to support the spine and other parts of your body. 

Note: We recommend using yoga blocks if you are a beginner to Yin yoga. 



The key to Yin yoga poses is to maintain the effort for a long time and exit the pose as smoothly as possible.

You should take around 30 seconds to leave each pose. Try to do as few movements as you can. 

Here are the basic poses for Yin yoga:

Butterfly Pose

This pose is an excellent hip opener. Start by sitting, then bring the soles of your feet together.

Rest your hands on your feet or the floor. Allow your knees to reach as close to the ground as possible. Hold in there for two to five minutes.

Reclining Twist (To the Right and the Left) 

For this pose, you need to start lying on your back. Then, draw your knees towards your chest. Once your knees are near your chest, open your arms like a cross.

Now, you need to drop your knees to one side. Hold in there and then proceed to do the same but with the knees dropped to the other side.

Child’s Pose

Child’s Pose is an essential part of yoga practice. To begin with, you need to sit on your heels and then gently fold forward.

This pose’s primary goal is to bring your chest as close to your thighs as possible while your forehead reaches the floor. 

Caterpillar Pose

For this pose, you need to sit with your legs straight in front of you.

Proceed to fold forward. Remember to keep your head heavy for better traction on your spine. Hold in this position for more than two minutes if possible. 

Dragonfly Pose

Come to this pose from a sitting position. All you need to do is spread your legs apart as far as they can go. Use a block if your hip feels any pain.

Then, fold towards the front and use your hands to rest your weight. Try to hold still for at least three minutes in this pose. 

Sleeping Swan Pose

Use Downward Dog or a Cat Pose to come into the Sleeping Swan Pose. This pose requires a lot of flexibility and bending, so do not try it if you are new. Remember to breathe and keep your mind away from discomfort. 


Savasana is the resting pose for excellence. What you need to do is lay over the floor, stretch your limbs gently and slowly.

Do not forget to breathe and lay on the floor for at least five minutes after your Yin yoga practice. 

Who Is It For?

Who Is It For?

Yin Yoga for People Suffering From Stress

Yin yoga is excellent for everyone, but it presents many benefits that are extra special for people stuck in a fast-paced life. So, if you live in a city and have a 24/7 job, you should consider investing some time in Yin yoga.

The benefits it will bring to your life will help you find some balance between city and nature. 

If you live a stressful life, then Yin yoga is one of the best ways to bring some calmness and balance back. Do it regularly for better results. 

Yin Yoga for Athletes 

Athletes that practice intense sports or disciplines should practice Yin yoga. Yin yoga is an excellent way to keep the ligaments and joints healthy.

This yoga discipline offers a counter option for all the sweating and muscle training of workout routines. Additionally, it helps you to keep your mind focused on breathing. 

Remember that Yin yoga is complementary practice. If you perform any intense physical activity, you should consider adding Yin yoga to your daily routine.

It can be beneficial even if it is just 15 minutes a day. Practicing Yin yoga is the best way to keep your body stretched and ready for your next training. 

Yin Yoga for Pain and Physical Rehabilitation 

If you have arthritis or osteoporosis, then Yin yoga can help you. Yin yoga practice is meant to restore the mobility of ligaments, joints, and all connective tissue.

Combining it with traditional medicine and physical rehabilitation can improve your body’s health exponentially. 

Health Benefits

There are many benefits to Yin yoga, from physical advantages like joint health to mental benefits like reducing stress. 

Here are some of the many benefits to Yin yoga: 

It will improve your sleep

It will improve your sleep

Yoga experts believe that most sleep problems occur because of an imbalance between Yin and Yang energy.

By practicing Yin yoga, you help your body restore that balance. With the balance restored, you should be able to sleep better.

It will increase circulation

Because Yin yoga targets the connective tissue, it can help you increase blood circulation in your body.

This is because it reduces the stiffness of the muscles, which allows blood to circulate without problems. 

It will reduce stress and anxiety

Yin yoga is all about balance and breathing. It helps calm your mind and body, and doing so helps reduce stress.

Stress is one of the primary triggers of anxiety. Reducing the levels of stress in your body can help your mind remain calm. 

It will increase flexibility

One of the significant benefits of Yin yoga for your body is that it increases flexibility and mobility exponentially.

All yoga practices help with flexibility and mobility, but Yin yoga takes it to higher levels. 

It can increase mobility

The poses aim to improve blood circulation in joints and ligaments.

With healthier blood circulation, your body can stretch more, which is crucial for better mobility. 

It encourages you to slow down

One of the main benefits of Yin yoga for your mental health is that it enables you to stop for a minute and breathe.

Doing something all the time is not healthy, but it is how our lives work, thanks to the internet and smartphones. By slowing down for a minute, you can appreciate life and its possibilities.

It also allows your brain to take a rest, something essential to keep good mental health. 

It turns on the parasympathetic nervous system

The parasympathetic nervous system is essential for reducing stress levels in the body. Yin yoga activates this nervous system by breathing with the diaphragm and the belly.

This nervous system allows organs to take their time and perform their functions slowly. With this type of breathing, the body can eliminate toxins and perform digestion and other tasks effectively. 

It guides your meditation

Yin yoga is an excellent way to achieve a meditative mind. This is perfect for decision-making and insightful thoughts.

The calmer your mind is, the better you can apply yourself to solve particular problems. If you practice Yin yoga regularly, you’ll be able to concentrate and use your mind better. 

Additionally, by practicing Yin yoga, you’ll be able to release stored emotions.

This is an excellent benefit for people that are in any stage of the grieving process.  


Yin yoga is a discipline that can complement other practices and exercises. It is beneficial for athletes that require some stretching after an intense workout.

Although its primary goal is to allow more flexibility in your body, Yin yoga’s constant practice can bring many benefits to your life. 

If you want to improve your sleep, increase flexibility and mobility, or just need to relax, Yin yoga can help you.

Practice it regularly, and you will notice the change in your body and lifestyle. 


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