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What kind of jewelry suits you according to your sign, what to wear for luck in love, and what for financial gains…

ARIES according to all zodiac rules, Aries protect zircon, diamond, gold, and ruby. When you go to business meetings during this period, your chances of success and happiness could be increased by turquoise, onyx, aquamarine, and topaz. For love encounters, only lapis lazuli, pearl, or silver jewelry. You should wear mostly silver bracelets.

TAURUS Although Tauruses seem ‘luxurious’ even without jewelry, you love jewelry. Emerald and jade suit you best. During this period, you will convince others of what you want if you wear muted tones of red jewelry, although some garnets and rose quartz can also ‘play’ their part. Finally, it’s time for statement earrings for the evening.

GEMINI Your youthful nature likes soft jewelry tones, and topaz suits you just fine. However, using the magical power of greenish turquoise for secret love meetings and the one with more admixture of blue tones for business meetings would be a good idea. You’ll be more convincing to collect a debt or seduce someone with a coral necklace.

CANCER Silver jewelry in blue tones and silver suits you. However, if you are going to a business meeting, a gold bracelet will bring more success, especially combined with an ivory or a combination of white and yellow gold. If you intend to seduce someone who has connections abroad, put on any jewelry made of malachite or garnet.

LEO Gold jewelry, diamonds, rubies, it’s your choice. But the planets in this period ‘determine’ you to strengthen your intuition with jewelry made of copper, silver, or platinum. Details of green tourmaline and turquoise or a ring with a blue sapphire can do wonders, especially in secret love adventures, especially if you are inappropriate for your sign about Cancer or Taurus.

VIRGO Malachite, amber, and topaz suit you perfectly. However, now that Saturn is in your sign, a black onyx or garnet ring will attract the attention of the opposite sex. Likewise, a yellow sapphire or an emerald ring can draw a person you like who travels a lot, especially to the south or southeast of your home.

LIBRA Pink tourmaline and alexandrite give you energy and the necessary charm; they fill you with energy. In this period, any jewelry with greenish and pink tones enhances your charisma. For business meetings, wear a red spinal ring or a copper bracelet and a pendant with turquoise or jade for evening outings. An imitation is also possible.

SCORPIO – A black pearl looks excellent, even with a black lace dress. You look irresistible with jewelry made of platinum, hematite, or a ruby ring. The current positions of the planets ‘hint’ at you that you need to be a little more delicate in choosing jewelry, and a necklace – a silver chain with an aquamarine ring – would come in handy. Men would sooner dare to approach you.

SAGITTARIUS Emerald and sapphire, your favorite gemstones, can be replaced with ivory jewelry during this period. And how would an imitation of this jewelry suit you, as well as a citrine ring, especially for business conversations, and would bring you luck in terms of money? For love encounters, if you have one – be sure to get a brilliant ring.

CAPRICORN – You like turquoise, garnet, and onyx, but for seduction, use malachite or jade, any detail or imitation of these stones, in any case, in green. She also helps you with contacts with foreigners. For love encounters, feel free to use red tourmaline or artificial pearl; you will appear ‘tame.’ For extended business meetings, any purple-colored semi-precious stones.

AQUARIUS Your favorite jewelry is bulky bracelets; they can also be made of alpaca, tiger’s eye, or semi-precious stones, and you usually choose turquoise. Feel free to wear it, even an imitation in the form of large pendants, possibly in the form of a scarab. Oriental necklaces in silver pendants will lift your morale and improve your mood. And for the evening, feel free to go to Coral, even though it’s not summer yet.

PISCES Your gentle nature tends to like aquamarine, pearl, and amethyst, and you can wear this jewelry freely with plenty of silver chains and bracelets. However, it would help if you mainly focused on necklaces with an accent on green tones, such as green or purple tourmaline. Also, pay special attention to high-heeled shoes or an updo in dark purple.

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