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How many times have you fallen in love, and how did you react? Our grandmothers still told stories about falling in love, not to mention the number of songs sung.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where someone dear to you drove you crazy and surprised you with his behavior – you did not know what you were up to or was they extremely hostile towards you, but in fact – madly in love?

This time we will describe the usual behavior of people in love according to the signs in which they were born. It may help someone recognize what it is about, either for themselves or someone else.

As soon as he feels that Cupid’s arrow has hit him, he immediately goes into action. He cannot last a moment without expressing himself. He does not give peace to his loved one and immediately devises a series of activities to win her over. He has no patience; he is open and direct, so he immediately reveals his feelings. If the other party feels taken aback or needs time to accept the new nature of the relationship, they can be disappointed because they give their most sincere and honest best when they are in love. He will do everything to make the other party happy, but at the same time, he expects to be recognized and respected. Being in love can make you feverish, but with Aries, it’s never dull! He will give you everything, but you must go for his stunts.

When he falls in love, he immediately starts thinking about how much it will cost him, especially the banquets he prepares to impress his loved one. A more significant amount of food and drink is mandatory; everything should be present. He is sensual but down to earth. He’s a guy who knows how to get back on his feet, and he doesn’t lose his head when he’s in love. He likes to count and calculate – how much he can get, and he unconsciously mixes it up with feelings. He is more prone to hedonism, so he expresses his infatuation through increased pleasures, usually through earthly things, meaning edibles and those that can be consumed. In such a state, he can act dull and sometimes stubborn.

He wants to communicate the feeling of being in love to the whole world. He flies like a butterfly from flower to flower, and no person will not know what he feels. The other (i.e., the loved one) often feels affected by this indiscretion (or experiences it that way), and withdrawal follows. Then Gemini regrets announcing his condition to everyone. He should not take it as bad because that is his nature. He is the messenger, so who else will talk and inform others if not a Gemini? The happier ones enjoy stories about their state of love and devise all possible variants for the potential development of the relationship. They can invent gossip if they don’t have the guts to admit they have fallen in love.

It is one of the most sensitive signs. When he falls in love, he almost blinks and can’t hide it, no matter how hard he tries. He mostly looks in the other direction (the one he fell in love with) and reveals what is on his soul with his big dreamy eyes. Most often in silence, and if such a situation agrees, through music and a nice drink. He likes intimate situations and preserves privacy at all costs, so he (she) needs time to reveal what it is all about to others. However, he cannot hide it because Cancer’s feelings radiate in a very recognizable way.

The lion must undoubtedly come up with something that no one has thought of, seen, or heard before and must have a stunning effect. The audience should be as large as possible, and the scene should be as dramatic as possible. If we only remember those strong kneelings on the floor with the dusting of someone’s hand for life and necessarily with the audience – the bigger, the better – these are real Leos when they fall in love. They want to offer their partner the whole world, and if they are not accepted, they cannot bear it, so a new attempt or even an excess follows.

This shy nature hides its infatuation or expresses it so that it is hardly recognized. However, he will invite his loved one to a nice restaurant or a refined cultural event, and he will not express his love clearly (not because of his intentions, but because of shyness), so all possible combinations can be expected, and often misunderstandings. If they are misunderstood, Virgos can retreat, and they are not rare either, who play an impregnable fortress (even when they fall in love), clearly to their detriment. Here you need to observe details and hidden views because this is their language.

Some Libras lose their heads when they fall in love and completely subordinate their lives to their loved ones, even to the point of addiction, and some harmoniously enjoy their newly created state. These are the biggest charmers of the horoscope who usually quickly win over a loved one with their sweet smile, nice words, and manners. Most often, they are eternally in love, so they organize their lives according to their better half, without whom they honestly do not even feel like living. One of the saddest pictures is – a lonely Libra.

This slight warrior type with passion quickly realizes that he has fallen in love. However, if he cannot dominate the relationship, he will hide his feelings until he reaches the level he wants – at least to find himself in a position where he can seduce and thus dominate. If he has the opportunity, he immediately moves on to the matter, i.e., sex. This one is elaborate and full of rich layers. Sometimes he knows how to attract everything alive from around him, so in his infatuation, he remains unclear to the one he loves because he knows how to think that this great seducer is capable of seducing everyone. He doesn’t see that the whole show is meant only for him.

Jokes and humor are their styles. When they fall in love, they usually talk nonsense and show their condition in every possible way. Ambiguity is their game, through which they keep a margin for themselves if things go badly. However, they usually organize pleasant moments and impress their loved ones similarly. However, it can happen that they “blow,” and in one moment, they disappear, and most often somewhere far away. Hence, the person with whom they started a more intimate relationship remains confused, waiting (even for years) for their prince (princess) to return.

It should be remembered that this is a cardinal sign by nature, which means that he is motivated by feelings. But the outside of the personality can seem cold, so when he falls in love, even though he would do anything for the person he loves, he is often unrecognized, misunderstood, or even ridiculed. Capricorns are clumsy at expressing love, but they feel more deeply than most. They have a hard time falling in love because they are dedicated to duty and take love too seriously. But over the years, they seem to gain, not lose, so it is not a rare case that in the second part of their lives, they experience a real renaissance of their private life or fall in love later, which they then know how to incorporate into their lives.

When they fall in love, they first throw a party for their friends, but they won’t clearly say how they feel. He will save a deviation or devise a series of unusual behaviors, which he will implement. They will hide their condition with such actions until they feel how inclined the other side is. When and if they establish that they have him (her) in their hands, the game will most often become uninteresting, so all combinations are included – from seducing the most significant rival of a loved one to acting out various perversions. The next day, when they get together, they may be sorry, but on the other hand, they will feel the satisfaction of showing their inexplicable nature. The continuation of a possible relationship is known mostly only to them; for others, anything is possible.

Given that Venus is exalted in ​​Neptune, i.e., Pisces, these people can feel both love and infatuation the whole way. If they are positively oriented, they are the creators of great love odes, real romantic situations, or intrigues motivated by a tender heart. The more negative ones will create a whole network of the most complicated details and expressions, which will not be apparent to anyone in the end, and most often not even to them. There is also a third type – the one who is satisfied with spiritual love and infatuation, only experiencing all the movies of his condition in his fantasy world.


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