Who is aggressive, and who is emotional? – Signs of the Zodiac and their faults and virtues

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Stop looking at yourself through the eyes of others, don’t exhaust yourself by forcing the attitude that you are very selfless and perfect, stop pushing justice, and adopt an “eye for an eye – tooth for a tooth” attitude. Develop independence, self-awareness, trust in your impulses and yourself, courage, moderation in giving, self-care, and, most importantly – focus on the constructive pursuit of personal interests. Then you will truly experience happiness, harmony, and support. The feeling of balance and strength comes from self-belief and honesty towards oneself, i.e., satisfaction of one’s basic desires.


Do not be impatient, do not look at someone else’s meadow thinking there is better grazing, and do not worry about other people’s concerns. Don’t judge others, and don’t burden your brain with questions about someone’s motivation for being with you. Don’t be obsessive and tend to destroy everything just because one detail bothers you. Develop a sense of loyalty, be aware of your limits and self-worth, and do things gradually, patiently. Respect the needs, both your own and those of others, enjoy yourself, be more grateful, and learn to forgive.


Stop thinking that you know what others are talking about and what they want to say without listening to them. Stop assuming that others know what they are up to, throw out the obsessive need to be eternally right and the idea that you should do everything the way your intuition guides you, and check the facts a little. Refrain from rejecting everything contradicting your beliefs, and significantly reduce hasty conclusions and decisions. Develop healthy curiosity, and ask questions because that’s the only way to discover how and what others think about. Develop tact, logic, and a positive approach to life and other people, learn to present your ideas without endangering others, and be more open to new ideas and experiences.


Don’t take full responsibility for every situation, don’t hide your feelings, and don’t harbor fears about close relationships. Don’t do anything just to be seen, don’t ignore your feelings and emotions, adapt to society and stop putting more weight on your back than you can carry just because you think it’s essential for things to be challenging to feel important. Develop compassion and learn to see and value feelings. Differentiate emotions from insecurities. Practice being mildly humble and accepting other people’s weaknesses without judgment.


Do not run away from emotions, do not retreat, and do not always wait for others to encourage you to do something. Also, don’t wait forever to find out more; only then take action because you will be late; don’t dream too much. Develop individuality, a willingness to be the center of attention, and a willingness to take risks. Strengthen willpower, self-confidence, and enthusiasm. Learn to enjoy life and have fun, look at life as a game, and develop an attitude – it depends on me. And finally, always act as your heart tells you.


Get rid of the feeling that you are a victim and a great martyr, start planning so that you don’t feel disoriented, don’t run away from reality and especially not to the extreme, don’t avoid obligations, don’t doubt yourself, don’t give up. Work on creating a routine, focus on the here and now, and act compassionately. Learn to properly analyze and categorize and properly notice and value details so that you don’t gasp, learn how to precisely and purposefully help others, gain self-confidence through experience, and develop moderation. Take risks, no matter how scared you feel.
If you concentrate and make a plan, the entire universe will pave the way for your success.


Don’t be impulsive; throw out the familiar outbursts of anger, stop recklessly proving yourself, and realize that others have some needs, not just you. Specifically, don’t be self-centered and selfish, and don’t expect others to be like you. Be careful how much you spend and on what, don’t be sickly indifferent because it irritates you, and don’t refuse a compromise. Develop a sense of cooperation, diplomacy, and tact. Be selfless when you give help because it must be without expectations. Share with others and learn things you see through the eyes of others. When the team wins, you also win; you will have more of yourself when you share with others.


Stop being so possessive and stubborn. Forget the past and stop constantly “playing the movie” of what happened and what someone did to you. You deal a little more with work and less with sensual pleasures. Refrain from resisting change, and don’t always repeat the same mistakes. Develop self-discipline, get rid of everything that holds you back, and when you choose shifts – let them be constructive. Enjoy things without having to own them. Learn to accept help and support from others, whether it’s ideas, money, or opportunities. Learn to become aware of the wants, needs, and motives of others and be open to cooperation. Then you will

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