Who is the king of laughter in the horoscope? – These signs will always bring a smile to your face!

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Laughter is essential; besides being proven to prolong life, it has a perfect effect on a person. First, you should know that every zodiac sign is funny. Of course, some are always ready for a joke and humor or a little more inclined to it. Almost every zodiac sign is sensitive to certain areas or topics they consider no joke.


He is the first and one of the most witty signs in the horoscope. He is always ready for a joke and has inspiration as a fire sign to be in a good mood in society. Sometimes, due to the ruling planet Mars, he can overdo it. He looks like he likes a joke at his own expense, but don’t touch his masculinity; that’s where he’s vulnerable. He will try to hide it, but it often shows on his face.


Taurus is a benevolent sign that loves everything that is beautiful, delicious to eat, and good to create; of course it also loves fun and humor. He laughs heartily, and there are no bad intentions behind his joke. Everything is just for the sake of laughter, relaxation, and enjoyment.


One cheerful spirit and a communicative sign. This is the sign that seems most ready to make a joke about itself. He likes to listen and comment on all funny stories. By his eternal boy nature, he looks for something witty in everything and sometimes even in problems.


One of the emotional and water signs likes to joke in a specific way. In moderation, everything depends on the mood because the Moon from which it is made is changeable. Don’t touch his mother, family, and country. It is his, and only he has the right to it.


He is the king. He can do anything, but not his ego. His innate gift for success and achieving high goals is no joke. Everything else can. Only the Lions can criticize the king or the president and make jokes about them. They think they only understand them correctly because they know what success is.


You will immediately think and they do not know the joke. Many believe that Virgos are boring because of this. It’s not like that. It is an intellectual sign that needs time and specific, special topics for jokes and laughter. They are very witty at work because that is where they are on their own.


Refined Libra is very funny, believe it or not. He even likes to joke about himself, as long as it is not out of place and without style. Everything but love is a joke. Love is too severe and essential for Libra to joke around. Moderation, above all, so that the other party is not accidentally offended or hurt.


Black humor, fat jokes, and swearing are the characteristics of this sign. But it suits them; it doesn’t seem distasteful because they know the dark side of everything that exists. They are always ready for a joke at their own and someone else’s expense. And about sex? It is a topic they know best.


Witty Sagittarius! Sagittarians have a cheerful, optimistic spirit, and they can’t live without humor. Their sense of humor is always open and positive, turning to optimism and happy topics.


Shut up, Capricorn, shut up, but when he speaks, here’s good humor. Often accompanied by cynicism, but behind this withdrawn, silent, and sensitive sign, pearls of wit are hidden. They need a little time to relax.


One of the most witty signs of the Zodiac. Quick humor: an idea is born in a second. There is the planet Uranus (ruler), so everything flares up quickly and unexpectedly. He is ready to joke about everything except world hunger and all the universal suffering. There, he is too severe and sensitive.


Pisces are only prone to harmless humor. A little withdrawn in nature, with a glass of wine, they become unsurpassed imitators.

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