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Last year didn’t go our way and it’s natural for us to expect and hope for a pleasant new year. But there is a lot to look forward to in the coming new year. New beginnings are always exciting. Yearly horoscope 2021 will predict that the opportunities, possibilities, and challenges awaiting you. It is an outline of events and occurrences that you should look out for in the coming year, based on your zodiac sign. Jupiter and Saturn, and soon Pluto in Aquarius, call us to truly think globally and act locally. Our community and our beloveds will need pragmatic loving compassionate action. Yearly horoscope 2021, Transformation is inevitable, but which way that change goes will be up to us. So, let’s  play the game called Yearly horoscope 2021

Note: Read the sections for both your Sun Sign in houses and Ascendant signs for a better picture of what lies ahead for the year ahead.


ARIES Yearly horoscope 2021 Yearly horoscope 2021

  • Couples: Your sign seeks relationships that give you independence, especially as 2021 starts.  Mercury is retrograde on January the 30th and you might find yourself in a non-conventional romantic connection or at least flirting with the idea. Anyway, you might look for a little more freedom, or to feel more free-spirited. Fires are burning between you and your love under the May 26 total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. This aspect can take you and your loved one to the next level! The annular solar eclipse on June 10 also adds a bit of joy to your life. That can even be a fruitful time for those looking to expand their family. According to Yearly horoscope 2021, This energy reflects through November and December and also adds flashes of inspiration and can be a major creative cycle for couples.
  • Singles: this could be the year for you! Your sign is very picky when it comes to a long-term romantic partner. There can be a feeling that you’ve met the one early on this year, especially after Mars enters Taurus on January the 7th. For much of the second half of 2021, you may face some issues about impulsivity in love. You are an extremely loving sign, This energy boosts you forward in the realm of breaking down your fears in group settings, which can include introducing yourself to new people, and letting things happen. You will be put to the test for much of June, and even November. According to Yearly horoscope 2021, You might even attract partners that meet you on a very astute level of intellectualism that you never once thought possible. This is especially true for those Aries who have felt lost and put their careers above any romantic pursuits. In 2021, be ready to fall in love!
  • Work: Saturn’s influence in Aquarius sextiles your sign nicely, giving you a boost of confidence in your career pursuits. This energy can even help you heal some issues around respect and open your mind to new ideas.
  • Health:  According to Yearly horoscope 2021, you might have many moments of precognition or feel more in alignment with your intuition. That will improve your health as well. No major health issue concerns you here.

TAURUS Yearly horoscope 2021 Yearly horoscope 2021

  • Couples  Until the 21st of March, when Venus enters Aries you will be more focused on yourself and your partner, not being occupied with someone else’s’ problems.  You will ignore those who criticize and discourage you. Challenges will present themselves in spring, do not compromise. Mercury enters Aries, on the 3rd of April. You will learn important lessons on relationships. Saturn becomes retrograde on the 23rd of May. This will involve turbulence. Bear in mind that the planets will make everything you do more complicated than it really is. Patiently wait for the 26th of May,  when the Fool Moon enters in a total lunar eclipse. You will have a few serious discussions with your partner which will be followed by decisions beneficial for both of you. Mars will enter Leo Aries from the 11th of June which will cause a lot of socializing and surprise evenings out. You will pay more attention to little things that didn‘t mean so much before during the summer. You will enjoy every walk, coffee, and talk with your partner and you will be grateful for all the beautiful things that are happening to you. The period from the 2nd to the 7th July will bring some inconvenient news but the solution will turn out sometime between the 8th of August and September the 10th. During  September Aries can feel like a fresh breath of air. However, in general, there is a keen ability to connect through extremely wise and honest conversations.
  • Singles – Your love life will stabilize this year. Your relationships have been a bit nutty or traumatic for the past few years, but this year things will go in your favor. You will choose people with whom to spend time more carefully and you will learn to say no to anyone who does not value the boundaries you have set. Some people from your environment will not like that, and it will result in distancing from them. Although you will be sorry at first, you will realize that it is for the best for all of you. Finally, you will find peace during the summer and you will not be bothered by past, failures, and things you can not change anymore. Many of you will start relationships with a friend of yours. Romance can be found in the strangest of places. Do not avoid calls for socializing, both business and private alike. The luckiest ones will be the ones who go out with an earth sign. Try not to be too impulsive when spending time with your family. According to Yearly horoscope 2021, You have to listen to what your family is asking from you. From the summer’s end and to the fall, you may fall in love deeply or have serious relationships, even with someone you know. Last year was the beginning of developing sensuality and intimacy within you, and 2021 will bring new and deeper levels of intimacy and the profoundness of your relationship.
  • Work – According to Yearly horoscope 2021, Taurus will not have trouble finding a new job or keeping the existing one.
  • Health – You will have a lot of inner energy at the beginning of the year. You will feel the best in the final summer months and the first months of the fall. Health, diet, and exercising are once again your priorities. Your health will be stable in general.

GEMINI Yearly horoscope 2021 Yearly horoscope 2021

  • Couples – The stars in 2021 say that your love life will stabilize this year. You will find harmony within yourself as well as with your partner. At the beginning of the year, the Gemini will seek a joint life with their partner starting from winter. However, that will not happen and you will start to doubt love and initiate fights. The coming of spring will change things. The New Moon in Aries is on the 11th of April. By then, you will realize that you are overreacting and the tensions will stop. Hence, many in the Gemini sign will get married or have a baby in 2021. As we approach summer, you will find harmony within and with your partner. There will be a lot of minor changes this summer, but the effects will be enormous. Venus enters Scorpio from the 10th of September and it will urge you to make important decisions. At the end of the fall and the beginning of winter, Your relationship will evolve from a phase of small talk to a much deeper interaction. According to Yearly horoscope 2021, You will have a deeper and more satisfying connection this year. The end of the year brings stability, peace, and harmony.
  • Singles – At the beginning of the year, single Gemini are still under the siege of the past. Some situations will sober you up. You will realize that you actually do not care for your ex-partner and that you have been losing your nerves for nothing. Venus will move you to work on your romantic skills. You will have a charming attitude and an agreeable mood. You will be a magnet for the opposite sex. Spring brings changes. Single Gemini will become close with a person they already know by the middle of the year. Occasionally, you will have unfounded bursts of jealousy, due to Venus in Gemini. During the summer, you will melt with joy. Most of you will have romantic journeys. The beginning of the fall and the retrograde Mercury bring stormy clouds. Interventions from your environment, mix-ups, misunderstandings…Luckily, your emotions will be strong enough to struggle with all the misfortunes. Winter again brings harmony into your emotional life. There will be gifts, big plans, and a lot of social life.
  • Work – The Gemini will work hard to achieve its goals, and will do so because they are very ambitious. Your stubbornness will be of use to you and help you shape changes, This is a year of building, where your efforts show visible results. The stars are still encouraging you, especially in the areas of work and career. According to Yearly horoscope 2021, December is promising for promotions and awards.
  • Health – In 2021 it will be easier to develop useful habits concerning your health. From the spring to the end of the year, your energy will grow. According to Yearly horoscope 2021, Your main challenge this year will be maintaining your ideal body weight.

CANCER Yearly horoscope 2021 Yearly horoscope 2021

  • Couples– This is a year for you to see how special you really are! At the beginning of the next year, It will seem that you’ve lost the spark that started everything. Love issues will go in many directions but smooth. There will be doubt and jealousy. But there won’t be a breakup. In the spring, Mercury enters Aries on the 3rd of April. Your partner will reveal a problem to you. You will offer unconditional support. That temptation will make you stronger and you’ll be closer than ever. Venus enters Gemini on the 8th of May. Family members will get involved in your life at that point. Take the advice they offer you. The coming of summer offers substantial tranquility, tenderness, and a joint voyage. Mars will trine Pluto on the 6th of September. This fall will be great. You will finally spice things up with your partner with some novelties you always wanted to try. You will once again feel the faith in love and miracles. Harmony will last till winter. Mercury sextile Pluto on the 21st of November. You will observe the existing relationship taking a whole new level. According to Yearly horoscope 2021, You will be full of confidence and gratitude. There can be a lesson regarding romantic communication and information uncovered during this cycle.
  • Singles You will be very curious at the beginning of the year. Uranus Direct and brings change and adventure, free love, and perhaps superficial relationships with multiple partners. It may happen that you can not decide whether someone is just a friend or has a desire for you. The spring will make you not to disperse your energy anymore. According to Yearly horoscope 2021, You will have many intimate communications and one, in particular, will become a serious relationship and grow to a higher level. Spring and summer bring elation and the return of love. Sun enters Libra on the 22nd of September. Your partner will bring some problems. You will feel slightly sad. There will be ups and downs, but you will still get to the winter as a couple. Mercury enters Scorpio on the 5th of November. That implies open discussions with harsh words exchanged but you will both come out as winners. Both of you want to discard bad habits and convictions for the sake of love.
  • Work Cancer will have problems to pay their debts. Close friends will help as much as it is in their power which will give you a sense of security. According to Yearly horoscope 2021, You will solve most of the money problems by the end of the year and take the previous events as a lesson.
  • Health – Cancer will be often moody in 2020 and they will be very sensitive. It will be good to talk with someone who understands you and to practice relaxation exercises. Strength and vitality will return in the middle of the year. You will also be forced to remove some bad food habits for good.

LEO Yearly horoscope 2021 Yearly horoscope 2021

  • Couples– This is a huge year for your sign. You will start the year by setting your own goals. You will have selfless support from your partner. Venus enters Taurus on the 14th of April. You will contemplate your unfulfilled dreams and start to engage them more seriously. You will bring novelties into your life in the spring. That enthusiasm and success will positively influence the relationship with your partner. According to Yearly horoscope 2021, Pluto becomes retrograde on the 27th of May. That will imply a standstill. The universe will tempt your perseverance. Anything is possible, from small quarrels to harsh words and temporary breakups. Be careful! The end of the summer and the fall bring harmony and defining relationships. Sun enters Libra on the 22nd of September. There will be a lot of fun that eluded you the past few years. You will enter the winter satisfied. Mars enters Sagittarius from the 13th of December. In any case, 2020 will be one of the best years in your life because you will prove to yourself that you are stronger and more capable than you could have imagined.
  • Singles – There is so much going on, that it is often hard to keep track of all the wonderful goodies in store for your sign. A major component of this year is also learning how to let go. Single Leo will meet a person that will suit them in every aspect. Venus in Pisces on the 25th of February will ignite you to start a relationship very quickly. Dissidence may appear at the end of the spring but you will solve them without any problems and tears shed. You are an emotional person, ass wells as empathetic. Your feelings may be easily hurt, but you understand other people’s feelings much easier as well. Summer will bring gifts in the manner of travel, and a lot of socializing with a new person of interest. You will learn to easily disclose your emotions because you feel safe. You will be in a stable relationship and make long term plans for the future.
  • Work – Some sort of confrontation may occur at the workplace this year. That does not necessarily mean that you will fight someone. Competition is more probable. You will have to work more and you will be more confident and accurate than your work colleagues. According to Yearly horoscope 2021, Most of you will feel this way because Mars will awaken ambition within you.
  • Health – According to Yearly horoscope 2021, Your energy levels will vary in 2021. Your environment will surely urge you to exercise constantly. Inactivity is a major issue that could cause illness in 2021.

VIRGO Yearly horoscope 2021

 Yearly horoscope 2021

  • Couples – This is a major career year for your sign, but you also get a little boost of love from the cosmic cycles as well. Your partnership is lively and energetic and offers the possibility for joy and personal growth. Venus enters Capricorn at the beginning of the year. That implies that the universe promises cosmic magic if you accept things for what they are, and not for what you think they oughta be. The spring brings Mercury in Aries. and then it turns retrograde on the 29th of May. That would mean challenges in partner and family relationships. You know how to keep things under control and where the solutions are. You will invest some of your nerves until you manage to settle things down. Venus enters Cancer on the 2nd of June. Plans lay on all sides. A couple of voyages are possible, a lot of socializing with your partner. And there is one bigger celebration. You will be closer to your partner from the fall to the end of the year. According to Yearly horoscope 2021, Some commendations and gifts are on the way.
  • Singles – The cycles of the Moon reflects the past in many ways and can feel like you need to revisit certain elements of your life in order to move forward. You will be surrounded by your friends at the beginning of the year. Do not go out on dates with your friends. That will cause problems. Sustain yourself and wait for the right opportunity in the spring. Everything will move in the right direction, meetings, gentleness, attention, and reciprocated emotions. According to Yearly horoscope 2021, The Moon is asking you to enjoy life a little more even as you are often obsessed with staying in control. Retrograde Jupiter emerges in the summer to slightly stir things up and to put you on a challenge. It won’t be anything terrible, but there will be a lot of thinking about some situations. From September to the end of the year you will be challenged, but you will find your way through your own destined path. Typical Virgo will strengthen the relationship they started in the spring. Some will meet someone new in November and start a relationship. Winter brings harmony, an open relationship, and a joint voyage.
  • Work  – Your analytical self will enjoy the hard work and dedication it takes to make your dreams become a reality. You will be more concentrated at work than ever. Although you may have to take care of boring issues, it will come easily to you. Try to befriend all your colleagues and superiors. Advancement is guaranteed for a typical Leo. Your earthy sign is being given a lot of chances to prove yourself this year, as you are meant to fully thrive in all realms of life, love, and business.
  • Health – You will have a lot of energy. You will want to try out new things, which is great for both your mind and your body. You will probably try out new exercises or change your diet. According to Yearly horoscope 2021, Sleep deprivation is a common problem with Virgo, try to work on that.

LIBRA Yearly horoscope 2021 Yearly horoscope 2021

  • Couples –What a great year you truly have in store for yourself. 2021 emphasizes your communication skills bringing out the creative qualities of your sign. Jupiter’s journey through the house of partnership gives you an incentive for change. Your mood is good in the few first months of 2020. Venus enters the air sign of Gemini on the 4th of April which will force you to make changes. You will create situations that you will have to react to. You will surprise yourself with courage in the spring and you will tell your partner everything you want to change. You will still have good communication with your partner in the summer. Both of you will seek to do new things. Many will decide to have children, community or to renovate their home. Mercury becomes retrograde on the 27th of September. You will start the fall with occasional disagreement with your partner about dividing chores and obligations. All in all, you will try to find solutions. Both of you will turn a blind eye be tolerant. From the winter to the year’s end, you will enjoy the tremendous changes you made and you will be satisfied with yourself and your partner. In general, there’s a lot of activity in the second half of the year in terms of questions and resolutions involving love.
  • Singles – This is a year of new beginnings. You prefer to be in a solid and steady relationship! You are meant to be with your soul mate, that is for sure, and 2021 can bring along someone who is totally right for you! Under the influence of Jupiter, a first love story starts for you by the 23rd of March. Not so many Libra will remain in one relationship throughout this year. The spring and the summer bring new people who appear as flashes of accidental meetings. You will be drawn to eccentric and unusual persons. Venus enters Leo on the 27th of June and brings the beginning of a new love story. You will be under the influence of Venus in the fall. Many Libras will have some sort of relationships, whether they are public or secret. According to Yearly horoscope 2021, those relationships may easily end. At the end of the year, in the winter, you will meet a person that posses all the characteristics of a partner that you want to have. You will understand each other completely. This relationship may be it, the thing that will fulfill every piece of your body and soul.
  • Work – You will make a professional debut this year and you will handle novelties very well. According to Yearly horoscope 2021, You will be occupied helping others to learn new skills that you possess. You will be selfless and that will be re-payed many times over. You may have to face some competition at the beginning of the year, especially as Saturn in Aquarius experiences a square with Uranus in Taurus in mid-February.
  • Health – The year may start with some kind of burden and you will make a correction to bring your health to the right track very soon. There will not be any major health issues because you will have clean air for an active and exciting life and you will simply vibrate in good condition.

SCORPIO Yearly horoscope 2021 Yearly horoscope 2021

  • Couples – This is an extremely important year for your powerful sign. Several transits are requiring you to implement decisions that contribute to both, your partnership and career. At the beginning of the year, Scorpio will strive for changes in their partnership. You will be exposed to many comments from your close ones who will find your ideas wrong. Venus enters Taurus on the 14th of April. You will make concrete steps towards changes. Some will decide to leave the partnership, and the typical Scorpio will be consistent in changing issues that have bothered them a lot. According to Yearly horoscope 2021, spring is the time to change things. The summer brings results. You will learn an important lesson that honesty solves everything and that you should not withhold anything for no one. There is always a solution to everything. You are in clean-up mode in various realms of your partnership. The autumn brings stability in the partnership, as well as support and tenderness. The November 19 partial lunar eclipse provides you with a fascinating understanding of someone’s motives. This sets you up for an enlightening love period that will be influential all year long and into 2022.
  • Singles – The presence of Jupiter and Saturn is shaking your ground and waking you up to some very enjoyable love connections. Single Scorpio will be focused on their past until March. They will let go of it after much thinking through. Jupiter enters Pisces on the 13th of May. Letting yourself off to adventures will suit you. Socializing with friends will agree with you, therefore go out and have fun. Fun, fun, fun for you.  It is ok if you are not looking for anything serious because this is a great year to have fun and attract some extracurricular partnerships. Anyhow, the desire for having someone and tenderness will come back at the end of the summer. June is going to be pivotal points for you to really embrace your desires. You will meet a person with whom you will be able to go out, have fun and at the same time have intimate relationships that are stable and full of trust. Years such as this do not happen so often. This 2021, and especially the winter promises that it will be a great year for you. Each day of this year, you might feel like your feelings are on a roller-coaster. Remember to ride the waves, and appreciate the adoration!
  • Work – Scorpios will have an urge to work more than usual this year. At the beginning of 2021, Scorpio will have expenses that will force them to keep count of every penny they have. The summer will bring relief. You will engage yourself in a new hobby. That will make you pretty occupied, but at least you will be happy. Planetary aspects can reflect sudden events or changes in career partnerships and tie your family into your career path.
  • Health – There will not be any dangerous health problems with the typical Scorpio. Knees and the back will be sensitive, so do not overwork and overload yourself physically.  According to Yearly horoscope 2021, You will have more energy in the second part of the year, you will change your sleeping and eating habits.

SAGITTARIUS Yearly horoscope 2021 Yearly horoscope 2021

  • Couples – Observed from outside, the year will begin in harmony. But not for long after, suppressed dissatisfaction will emerge to the surface. You will have severe discussions with your loved one about your mutual goals and the plans for the future. There will be insecurity, mistrust, and jealousy. Venus enters the air sign of duplicitous nature, Gemini, on the 4th of April. That will bring balance. Until the end of the summer, you will spend a lot of time together and work on mutual goals and tasks. There is a possibility of a voyage, as well. The May 26 total lunar eclipse in your sign, provides a massive release in your personal life that is both purifying and strengthening. This can be an energetic blockage you’ve had for years that lifts and releases from your life. Venus enters Scorpio on the 10th of September. It is when you will start to pay more attention to others than yourself. There won’t be a lack of passion, but there will not be too much time to spend together. The winter will bring routine. You will catch rhythm after the turbulent autumn and make a big joint decision concerning the two of you. Moving, children marriage, all is possible. In 2021, listening skills and careful communication are needed to keep the romance alive!
  • Singles – Mercury is aligned with Jupiter at the beginning of the year, and Saturn is in Capricorn. This alignment makes space for something new. Someone will enter your life. The spring is your time. A profound relationship will develop between the 23rd of March and the 11th of May. You will wear a wide smile over your face and have a lot of reasons to be happy. You will finally get the love you sought from the Universe. Mars becomes retrograde on the 10th of September. The past will appear in some form. You will spend the autumn clearing issues of before. Mars becomes direct on the 14th of November. Scorpio will feel being freed from all restrictions and limits in your life. You will be completely unburdened by the relationship you are in. Sagittarius will have the trust they needed. According to Yearly horoscope 2021, this is a good moment to start a new hobby or to improve their professional skills.
  • Work – A lot of doors will open, either to change jobs or to advance or find a job. According to Yearly horoscope 2021, It is important to realize that in the second part of the year, you will show everyone your worth and what you are capable of. Congratulations.
  • Health – Sagittarius will have digestive issues in 2020. You will try to solve it through different approaches. In the middle of the year, you will make some changes in your habits and improve the quality of your life, and feel more strength, energy, and will.

CAPRICORN Yearly horoscope 2021 Yearly horoscope 2021

  • Couples – The presence of your home planet Saturn through the sign of Aquarius is in full force this year, and has many lessons for your sign. You often put work over love.  For those who are ignoring your relationship duties, this is a year where you can truly come face-to-face in this respect, and be open about your feelings. The Capricorn will have serious partnership issues which will take a lot of their time and nerves at the beginning of 2021. Planets will force you to be strong, although you would rather run away from everything.  According to Yearly horoscope 2021, the situation will improve after a couple of months and you will be able to relax. In the meantime, you will become stronger.  Couples can deepen their commitments above and beyond spiritual, mental, and physical understanding. Looking into their eyes, you begin to understand yourself even more! At the end of the year, in the autumn and winter,  your life will get back to normal and you will finally be reminded what a careless stress-free day looks like. You can become an example of a harmonious couple and a lot of people will ask you for the recipe for a happy marriage.
  • Singles – The whole year will be in the sign of a new person. At the beginning of the year, there will be several love opportunities. You will wish to acquire their attention, but that will not go as smoothly as planned. Your sign is truly afraid of failure, which is your best-kept secret. This spring is the time to flip the script and send that flirtatious text first. You really have nothing to lose at this point, other than maybe a few amazing dating stories! You will have a strong need for an emotional connection during summer. You are vibrant and magnetic with the current presence of Saturn in electric Aquarius. There will not be any major changes in the autumn.  In the winter you Venus is bringing love energy to all of you.
  • Work – The work is stable but finances are not.  According to Yearly horoscope 2021, spring and summer will be characterized by expenses, both planned and unplanned. It will not be a catastrophe, but it will wear you out. You will be under the influence of Mercury retrogrades from the 27th of September.  The situation will stabilize followed by concrete solutions and help.
  • Health –  The first half of the year will be filled with colds and allergies. Nothing serious, but somehow there will always be something in play. That will make you change your habits and strengthen your body and soul. You will enforce your immunity in the second part of the year.  According to Yearly horoscope 2021, You will make decisions that will influence your health in the long run.

AQUARIUS Yearly horoscope 2021 Yearly horoscope 2021

Couples – At the beginning of the year, you will have a feeling that something is always expected and demanded from you. Everyone wants their demands met, and no one pays any attention to your own needs. By springtime, when Venus enters Cancer, you will take things into your own hands. Venus will force you to focus on what truly makes you happy. Breakups are possible. Summer brings the first results of your change. Your partner will surprise you pleasantly. There is a vacation coming your way. You will enter autumn full of impressions and new experiences. Your relationship with your partner grows stronger.  There is also an important life decision together after New Moon in Libra on October the 6th. Mercury enters Scorpio on the 5th of November. That means that you will enter winter with less stress, tension, and confrontation, which implies a more satisfied and relaxed end of the year.

Singles – Single Aquarians are in for a wonderful year ahead. This is one of those years to be open to what comes. You cannot predict anything. But you will know that things are just meant to be this way! Until the end of the spring, you will have plenty of distant communications with the opposite sex. . Mercury is Retrograde on  January the 1st and may create a bit of delay in your communication. The exciting news is that you might just meet someone organically and unexpectedly By the end of the summer.  someone may appear and fall in love with you, but you will not be in a hurry to make a decision. You’ll get a ton of clarity between September and November in regards to a potential partnership. According to Yearly horoscope 2021, by the end of the fall, you will let someone into your life, Most of you will feel the real thing after a long time.

Work – There is a lucky vibe to your money chart this year. There will be some difficulties in your finance this. But you receive help from stabilizing Saturn. Don’t forget your goals this year.  You will have a better grasp on your budget according to the stars. Overall, you should have a better job of managing your money, which should help you out this year a lot.

Health – You will improve your inner self. That doesn’t mean that you should let your outer self suffer. Make sure that you often exercise and try to have a balanced diet. Luckily, you are not likely to get seriously sick. You should still regularly visit a doctor for checkups during the 2021 Mercury retrograde dates.

PISCES  Yearly horoscope 2021Yearly horoscope 2021

  • Couples – As far as your current partner is in question, your spontaneous nature will bring some fun end excitement into your marital relationship which will spice things up a little. The Full Moon in Leo on the 28th of January and even holds the element of extremes.  Also, you are extremely in tune with the unseen world this year, and it can feel like you’re able to predict things before they even happen. The summer will bring a calm period. You are supporting one another and passion is visible from an airplane. Doubt may come between you in March. Dilemmas will be cleared out in April and you will be back on track. Everything functions as it should and good energy and mood are leading the way. Mars enters Leo on 11th of the June. Functioning on the daily basis with your partner might be tough. Take care of this while it is still time, and if you realize that the problem is within you – make a change! Some relationships may fall apart in June. Whenever you feel like you are getting out-of-control this year, just follow your grounded path.
  • Singles – this is going to be a great year to find someone you wouldn’t mind spending your life with. Trust the process, especially at the beginning of the year. Mars will make things slower than you would prefer. Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse is on the 26 of the May. It is more probable that you will find romance with new people and not in the circle of friends. Fun, optimistic, original, flirty, are all around. Mars also enters the field of love during September. That brings more love energy into your life, stability, and long term planning.
  • Work – Undoubtedly, you will get some new ideas, and find ways to conduct some affairs. You will emit self-confidence and security and others will follow that. You yearn for respect and you will finally get it by the end of the year. The money will find a way for you in 2021. Then you will realize that that was the year of constant, strong growth and advancement.
  • Health – You will be heavily drawn to the alternative ways of improving health. If you can, try to exercise, but don’t push yourself too much. Just know your limits. Some more advice, drink a lot of water, eat well, and make sure that you get enough sleep. Generally, you will have enough energy and a good balance.

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